Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here's a few of my latest photos. These photos were actually taken about a year ago, but I've just recently "digitally developed" them with a combination of RAW developing and Photoshop magic. They show a sample of the wide range of effects and styles that I love working with.

The above photo is a shot I was able to get while on a safari in Africa. Ok, I wish - it was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. This photo was inspired by photographer Nick Brandt. I converted the image to a monotone with a warm tint. After applying several Photoshop adjustments and effects, I was able to create this piece, without waking him up.

The above photo is a stylized effect, achieved through a combination of methods of super contrast, blowing out the highlights, altering colors, and softening effects. Then a little splash of vignette to draw the eye to the subject, and voila!

The above photo is a shot I took in Ocean Beach, near Dog Beach. I applied color filters, color channel adjustments, and a vignette to achieve this 1960's beach feel.