Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo of the Week

Happy summer everyone! This week's Photo of the Week is a sneak peek at a series I have been working on. It's a campaign of nostalgic-looking photos - most of them being centered around the beach/surfing theme. The effect is created by using a Photoshop Action called "Old School" from Totally Rad!. Of course, I have my hand in the creation of the photo - the subject, lighting, composition, and some tonal tweaking. I also manually apply the old lens effect with the vignette and blur. And for an added aged look, I hit it with that distressed effect. Voila! Was it taken in 1909, or was it created in 2009?

When the series is complete later this summer, I'll have a Coffee Table book available with all these "throwback" photos. I'll keep ya posted. The photos will also be used in some other "fun" ways. And as always, all of my photos are available in print at any sizes - just ask!

Enjoy the first week of Summer 2009!