Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shopping in the Recession

On the way to my studio each day, while on the 5, I pass over this giant drainage system. And each time, I catch a glimpse of this shopping cart way off in the back. I thought - "that would make an interesting shot", but what are the chances it would still be there if I ever went back? Well, after about a week of seeing it everyday, the shopping cart never left. I think at one point, it may have even called my name. So yesterday, I waited until the sun was nice and low, creating a softer, warmer light, and took the side roads on the search for the Shopping Cart in the Drainage. Eventually I found the spot. After jumping through dirt fields, crossing railroad tracks, and scaling the drainage walls, I was able to position my self to capture these interesting compositions. The best part - I was able to come out unscathed - despite slipping and almost falling many times, and train dodging twice. The worst part - that's not mud in the drainage system.